Kade Sneaks a Secret Pet into the House! Kids Fun TV & Aqua Dragons

Moose toys paid us to make this video Operation pet dragon is underway. Don’t worry I’ve got this. No one will even knows it’s here. What a pet dragon?!? No way What’s up Ninja?!? Oh you scared me! Guess what Jazzy..Kade just snuck a pet dragon into the house! What a dragon? Yeah, you know how Kade’s been […]

DIY Puppy Life Hacks

– Don’t eat the cupcake. Don’t eat the cupcake. Oh, who am I kidding? (upbeat music) ♪ Hack along ♪ ♪ Hack along ♪ Hey. What’s up, pups? My name’s Indy. I can’t really make stuff myself. I don’t have any thumbs, (buzzer honking) but that’s what humans are for. Wait, you’re a human. Woah, that’s perfect! Me […]

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