Bulldog For Life: Chelsea Konarzewski

Bulldog For Life: Chelsea Konarzewski

Hi, I’m Chelsea Konarzewski. I graduated in 2014 from the marketing program. I work at the Palace Sports and Entertainment
doing email marketing across everything from Detroit Pistons to DTE Energy Music Theater,
Freedom Hill amphitheatre, and Meadowbrook amphitheatre. What I like most about my job is behind the
scenes actions that I get to see. Anything from set up for game day or when
we get new players they get introduced around the office. So that’s pretty cool. I chose Ferris because of the small town feel
coming from Pinconning, which is a small town near Lake Huron, I really wanted that feel. Or if I walked across campus I could see somebody
I knew as well as some that I didn’t know at the same time. Besides the small-town atmosphere I would
say that I made lifelong friends that I still stay in contact with pretty much on a daily
basis. While at Ferris I was a part of AMA, the American
Marketing Association. Probably the best part of that was going to
New Orleans to the National Conference and getting to see people in the RSO of all across
the country. I also interned for Ferris State Athletics
for the basketball program. During that time for two season actually,
I wrote everything from the game day scripts. It was really good experience. I was a big softball player in high school
and I knew I didn’t want to play softball in college, but I wanted to carry on sports
throughout my life. So I figured why not marketing with a concentration
in sports and do something in the sports field. That’s what led me to intern for the Ferris
State Basketball program and what ultimately led me to here. It’s good to stay connected with Ferris
because you never know what opportunities could come out of it. Just speaking with past advisors or something,
if you need some advice it’s always helpful to have somebody you know and trust and go
back to. I stay connected with Ferris by going to alumni
events like the Pistons game that is going to be happening here very soon. Besides that, just staying connected with
professors or recent teachers that I had while at school, by LinkedIn or email. Being a Bulldog to me means being involved
across campus, outgoing, Big Rapids is a small town community. To make the most of the University in my opinion
is what you have to be involved. Anything to make new friends and make your
time there worthwhile.


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