Pitbull VS Lion – Lion VS Pitbull – Blondi Foks

Today we will compare Pitbull and lion. Which animal is stronger? Let’s see this Aggressiveness First we will compare these two animals at the point of aggression. Pitbull is generally a quiet dog. if pitbull isn’t socialized well, it can be offensive however, Lions tend to attack anything that moves instinctively The lion is among the most aggressive […]

What Kind of Dogs & Birds Are The PAW Patrol & Top Wing Characters? | Nick Jr.

There are so many animals on Nick Jr. Let’s check out some fun facts about the creatures that make up our crew. Cheep, chirp, cheep! Chase is a German Sheppard. German Sheppards make awesome police pups. Ruff, cones! Because they’re sporty. That’s a long long jump, Chase. Brave, and great at leading the pack. Rubble’s rocket kick scores […]