Bulldog For Life: Matt Nawrocki | Ferris State University | Surveying Engineering

My name is Matt Nawrocki. I am a Ferris State graduate of the Survey and Engineering program and I graduated in 1995 and that was from the School of Engineering Technology. As you can see I’m wearing a hat and a shirt for Vectors Incorporated. I am the CEO / president / founder of Vectors Incorporated. I founded […]

Meet Shadow – Hulk’s Personal Bodyguard | DOG DYNASTY

That’s Hulk? Marlon: So it’s really important for me to keep my dogs and my family safe, so that’s why we enlisted Shadow. That’s the best in the business. You don’t get no better than that. Shadow: They call me Shadow because I was always around. Marlon: Oh he got it. Shadow: You want real security call the […]