This Pet Dog Risked His Life To Rescue A Human Trapped In The Freezer | Kritter Klub

Somebody help me! [ The 1st story of ‘animals who saved hooman’ ] A man was trapped in a freezer (This dog heard his cry for help) Man saved by his dog : A grandma opened the door The dog was outside.. (overcome with emotion) (Started out like any other work day..) Man saved by his dog : […]

Aggressive Dog Is Afraid Of Losing Her Puppies Again | Kritter Klub

Soondol~ Don’t come closer! Stay away from me!! Soondol attacks out of wrath.. If I just go near her, she bites When trying to change the frozen food Lashes out.. It’s already been a week It’s cold outside, and she doesn’t even eat Refusing everything A year ago, Soondol roamed the streets For the friendly dog Gave a […]

Watch This Little Roly-Poly Baby Pit Bull Grow Up And Get Adopted! | The Dodo Adoption Day

The puppies were completely splayed-leg. All four legs went straight out like two crosses. They were born that way. – We decided we would foster them and start therapy now. – Come on, Samiel! – I don’t think our goal was ever for them to 100% walk, it was for them to be healthy. – And for them […]

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