Abandoned, Single Mom Dog Raises Her Puppies Alone..Then Her Owner Showed Up?(Part 2) | Kritter Klub

Local resident : There were two dogs, but only that dog was left behind Home alone Noorung steals food To feed her puppies Local resident : If you go along this coastal road, you’ll find *** restaurant (The owner) Lives there Going to meet you now PD : There’s a deserted house up here.. Home owner : Ah […]

Mo The Cat Visits His Dog Neighbor Cricket Every Day | Animal Videos For Kids

Mo the cat is obsessed with his next door neighbor. A dog! Named Cricket. Who kinda looks like a mop! If Mo hears Cricket come outside, he runs to be with her. He’s like, “Forget my food, forget my toys! I want to be with Cricket!” They’re lucky they live next door, because these two are crazy about […]

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