PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES vs. ANGRY BIRDS ☺ 3D animated Mashup – FunVideoTV -Style ;-))

(SONG ‘ORYK TAIKO RHAP’ BY ROCAVACO AND FOOTSTEPS) bring eggs ANGRY BIRDS LAUGH bring eggs (ANGRY BIRDS LAUGH) flomaddooowa bring eggs aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah neow bring eggs cock-a-doodle-do bring eggs spudow eggs (ANGRY BIRDS MAKE PLAN) (ANGRY BIRDS LAUGH) bring eggs (SONG ‘ORYK TAIKO RHAP’ BY ROCAVACO’ PLAYS CONTIUES FOR THE REST OF THE VIDEO) now here’s a sneak-peak for […]

Most Stunningly Beautiful Top 48 Cuban Tody Small Birds In The World #48

Best Of Spectacular Lips Art, Funniest Amazing Cartoon Tattoos. Most Beautiful & Amazing Red Birds In The World The Facts Of Asian Culture That You Don’t Know, Kitchens Ideas. Kitchen Colorful Decorators.COOL! Interior Design Ideas, The Most Biggest Anaconda Snake Found Ever, Most Beautiful Travel Places In The Kashmir ! Best Place For Asia. Beautiful Monster Bulls ! […]

How To Choose Bird Seed

Hi I’m Karolyn Warfel with Perky-Pet® Wild Bird Feeders. We’ve been talking about how to make your yard more bird friendly. Right now I’m going to talk about the right food you can use to attract birds to your yard. Birds will find food naturally, like worms and insects and spiders, but there’s also seed and other foods […]

5 Hr of Budgies Parakeets Birds Singing, Chirping. Help Reduce stress & blood pressure

Unique filming of cute pet birds singing their hearts out. I am lucky enough to own these two male American parakeets because they like to chirp. It seems male parakeets use their song to attract female parakeets. Spring and summer are two seasons when they chirping more. Happy budgies songs for your budgies to sing along. Please subscribe […]

Man Can’t Pee Because Of Birds Invading His Bathroom | Kritter Klub

(Inside this bathroom) (Is a nest?) (Who you?) (Can’t make a sound) (the struggle is real) (I live here too) (Mama bird) (Meal time) (You’re home?) (Do not disturb) (Okay, bye..) It was very uncomfortable I was afraid that the water would be too loud I would turn the showerhead on low (boss bird) Sometimes I can’t even […]

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