Not Even A Pet Dog Tastes Water In A Cup Like This Elegant White Peacock | Kritter Klub

Is that…a chicken..? Chasing…like a stalker Have you ever seen such an alluring stalker? Who are you.. Last name, Baek. First name, Gongjak. Baek.Gong.Jak. (aka white peacock) Couldn’t recognize you with your feathers tucked in Gongjak. (aka. The youngest or Youngster) Come to me

Mo The Cat Visits His Dog Neighbor Cricket Every Day | Animal Videos For Kids

Mo the cat is obsessed with his next door neighbor. A dog! Named Cricket. Who kinda looks like a mop! If Mo hears Cricket come outside, he runs to be with her. He’s like, “Forget my food, forget my toys! I want to be with Cricket!” They’re lucky they live next door, because these two are crazy about […]

Watch This Little Roly-Poly Baby Pit Bull Grow Up And Get Adopted! | The Dodo Adoption Day

The puppies were completely splayed-leg. All four legs went straight out like two crosses. They were born that way. – We decided we would foster them and start therapy now. – Come on, Samiel! – I don’t think our goal was ever for them to 100% walk, it was for them to be healthy. – And for them […]

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