Muñeco Cachorro Bulldog Corcho | Puppy Doll | Tutorial Fácil | DIY | Erica Ferrari Porcelana Fría

Hello! I am Erica and I invite you to model these little “French Bulldog” in this free class today This one is called Cork (Cork) and well, subscribe to my Channel so you don’t miss any Facebook & Instagram: EricaFerrariPorcelanaFria Eyes and nose Okay! For this modeling we are going to make (as we did in the previous […]

Making Dog Hair Sweaters

ANGIE SULLIVAN: Hi. I’m Angie Sullivan. And this is my friend Rufus. We’re here today in Southport, Connecticut, to meet with Kendall Crolius and learn all about knitting with dog hair. Come on, Rufus. We recently did a piece in “Vice” with photographer Erwin [INAUDIBLE] on dog hair garments. And we’re here today to find out how the […]

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