Splat! 5 Species that Masquerade as Bird Droppings

[INTRO ♫] If you’re a small animal, one of your biggest challenges in life is making sure that you don’t get eaten. And there are all sorts of ways of doing this— like, being toxic, or blending in with your surroundings. Some species even disguise themselves as unpalatable things, like twigs and stones. That way, they can hide […]

Nature Cat | The Treasure of Bad Dog Bart / Pet Sounds | PBS KIDS

– [Announcer] This episode was made possible in part by the Van Eekeren family, founders of Land O’ Frost, and The Hamill Family Foundation.When my family leaves for the day,I don’t just sit inside watching the world go by.(Door closing) I become… Nature Cat, backyard explorer extraordinaire. ♪ Oh, go go go ♪ Tally-ho! ♪ Go go go […]

“Bird Beaks” Director Commentary – Reacting to My First Youtube Video

Hello everyone and welcome to the director’s commentary on this Youtube video. This is the first video I ever made. I made it almost exactly two years ago and I wanted to give you some insight into how these videos work and how things have changed over the years. I think it will be a fun experiment to […]

Why Does Pet Therapy Work? (It’s Not Just Cute Dogs)

[♪ INTRO ] Maybe you’ve been here: It’s finals season, and you’re walking across campus, when suddenly a big, beautiful sign catches your attention: Exam Week Therapy Dogs. And when you show up, it’s a giant room full of well-trained, adorable puppers and college students leaving with looks of stress-free bliss. Pet therapy has been around in some […]

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