A puppy visits Seung-jae’s place [The Return of Superman / 2017.03.12]

(Ding dong) Someone is here. – Hello. / – Hello. It’s a puppy. – It’s a puppy. / – It’s a puppy. (What is happening this night?) The puppy belongs to an employee at my company. Everyone got attached to it and it now lives at the company. Its caretaker is going away this weekend, so I’m looking […]

Funny Surfin Bird Dance Music Video! The Trashmen! Live TV Party in the USA!

Are you all ready? Are you all ready to act like “loony” birds?>>Yeah!>>Are you all ready to Flap your Wings?>>Yeah!>>Here’s a group that took their.. Here’s a group that took their name after a song called, “The Trashman’s Blues”. We proudly present – The Trashmen on “A Reelin’ and Rockin’ Reunion”!

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