How to Make Tsukemen (Dipping Ramen Noodles Recipe) | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” Let’s cut the ingredients for tsukemen. Cut the pork belly slices into 2 inch pieces. Slice the long green onion using diagonal cuts. Crush the garlic clove and ginger root with a wooden paddle. Here, we will be using frozen shiitake and shimeji mushrooms. The fresh mushrooms […]

배고프다고 개밥그릇 던지는 강아지

Yeowoo: I am hungry.. Yeowoo/White shiba (1 yo) Characteristic: Always hungry Hungry Yeowoo came to the male butler who’s resting Yeowoo: Yeowoo is hungry.. You got any left over food? Yeowoo pickpoketing male butler’s pocket lol (eye contact) Yeowoo: I was just smelling it! Yeowoo: I want some food Yeowoo: I am hungry Yeowoo: Give me some food! […]

Okonomiyaki Recipe [Remastered] | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” Let’s make the batter for Okonomiyaki. Combine the cake flour (100g) and baking powder (1/4 tsp) in a bowl and stir together with a whisk. Dissolve the bonito stock powder (3g) in the water (140ml) and gradually add the dashi stock while mixing. This will help avoid […]

What Foods are Poisonous to Birds? | Budgie Care

Foods Poisonous to Birds There are several foods which should never be fed to your budgie because they are toxic to birds. This includes avocado, fruit seeds and pits, uncooked beans, chocolate, mushrooms, tomato leaves and stems, and rhubarb. Many fruit seeds and pits are toxic to birds, so you should always remove fruit seeds or cut away […]

HomeMade Dog Food – Chicken Liver Pâté Cakes & French Bulldog || PetBox-Bakery for Pets || GastroLab

Hi, I’m Asja. I’m two years old, I keep myself in shape, and I look great! There are many sides of me: I keep an eye on the latest fashions, take long walks, work on my fitness… … and enjoy doing it. So, that’s me. Nice to meet you! Almost forgot: I love to cook! I’m taking cooking […]

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