This Pet Dog Risked His Life To Rescue A Human Trapped In The Freezer | Kritter Klub

Somebody help me! [ The 1st story of ‘animals who saved hooman’ ] A man was trapped in a freezer (This dog heard his cry for help) Man saved by his dog : A grandma opened the door The dog was outside.. (overcome with emotion) (Started out like any other work day..) Man saved by his dog : […]

Nature Cat | The Treasure of Bad Dog Bart / Pet Sounds | PBS KIDS

– [Announcer] This episode was made possible in part by the Van Eekeren family, founders of Land O’ Frost, and The Hamill Family Foundation.When my family leaves for the day,I don’t just sit inside watching the world go by.(Door closing) I become… Nature Cat, backyard explorer extraordinaire. ♪ Oh, go go go ♪ Tally-ho! ♪ Go go go […]

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