3 New Platform Games – Sam’s Journey, Pets Rescue, and Cheese & Onion

The first platform game I ever played was Pitfall on the Atari 2600 back in 1982. Of course, at the time I never thought of it as a platform game. But that’s what it was, in fact it essentially set the standard for platform games. Later on I played Donkey Kong on both Atari and Commodore platforms. This […]

Static & Ben El, Pitbull – Further Up (Na, Na, Na, Na, Na) (Official Video)

Static, Ben El, Mr. Worldwide everybody put your hands up high Get M’s and then stack em (Further Up) Don’t let nothing distract us (Further Up) Excuse me Mr. Dj (Further Up) Pretty girls get loud (Further Up) Now let me hear you say na na na na etc. Put your hands up high and wave them from […]

Meet Narwhal, the rescue puppy with a tail growing out of his forehead

Narwhal the puppy was found in Missouri with an extra tail growing out of his forehead. Well, his full name is “Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn,” according to dog rescue nonprofit organization Mac’s Mission, which took him in after he was discovered last Saturday. He was found in the freezing cold, with what appears to be the […]

Joanne “J-Bird” Phillips: Promo 1

(upbeat music) – Hi, this is Joanne “J-Bird” Phillips. I’m a HARTKE endorsed rock bass musician. I am a journalist with the US Press Association. Sports journalist with New York Sportscene, and I am founder and executive director of a 501(c)(3) non-profit, J-Bird Music for The Arts, supporting Performing Arts and Music in New York education. I’m gonna […]

Christian Siriano’s Biggest Fashion Pet Peeve Is Athleisurewear

(tense music) – It wouldn’t be the holidays without holiday parties and nothing makes a woman feel more attractive and festive than making an entrance in that perfect dress. – I’m happy for this. – Hallelujah. – All right designers, look around. (woman gasping) Because everything you need to make your dress, is right here. (group gasping) – […]

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