5 Steps to take TODAY when your microchipped pet goes missing

Greetings pet lovers! Brigid here with First Street pets and today we’re going to talk about the top five things to do when your microchipped pet goes missing. Action step number one is to find the chip number. Now this may seem obvious but many people don’t know what the chip number is. You can find this number […]

Hairless Great Pyrenees Turns Into The Fluffiest, Happiest Dog | The Dodo Comeback Kids

Mooney is a Great Pyrenees. You can barely tell it by looking at him right now. – Mooney was picked up as a stray. I don’t know if somebody dumped him. The pictures that I saw of him just absolutely broke my heart. I said, “We’ve got to help this dog.” The first time I met Mooney I […]

The Roblox Dog Experience

[thunder] [sad music] abc for mom sis or g-friend woof woof [warp drive] [crash] woof hello doggy May I adopt you woof -opens door -closes [engine ignition] [sad music] [tires screech] We’re home woof [typing] *does taxes* *fails to report miscellaneous income* [windows xp shutdown sound] There you are. Where were you? -gives him a t-bone woof [soft […]

French Bulldog Family, The Cutest Troublemakers Ever LOL | Kritter Klub

Hello! Welcome to Deukgeun’s house! Everyday is a chaos I’m sure I saw a snack here really? where? OH MY GOD! What is all this? Hey bebe! Oh my god! What have you done! Bebe, you’re supposed to make your puppies stop! Take them away I can’t believe you just watched them doing that! Man, parenting is hard.. […]

Caution: Major Cute Attacks From These Golden Retriever Puppies | Kritter Klub

Retrievers on the tennis court? Gotcha! Seven Golden Retriever Siblings Let’s take a shower Prick the bubble This one takes a bath by itself Squishes his body inside the pot Falls asleep You shouldn’t sleep here You said you’ll give us snacks when we take a bath Umm…did…I..? We’re hungry So exhausted The mother retriever became so exhausted […]

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