A Rabbit In Love Waits For A Special Doggo Every Morning | Kritter Klub

Play with me A rabbit which loves the dog Dog, Songee Whenever another dog chases the rabbit Songee is there to protect the rabbit I am the rabbit’s bodyguard You’re so nice Everday at 8 a.m, the rabbit waits for Songee at the park Songee is here! I like Songee Time to say goodbye Come back again The […]

시도때도 없이 낮잠자는 토끼! 이건 무슨 자세? Nap Rabbit posture

Nap Rabbit, Rabbits often napping, posture! Leisure and lazy Sunday afternoon My rabbit takes a nap in his mother’s bed. These days, it’s because of the season, the nap has increased significantly. From the comfort of my mother’s bed, I feel like I’m getting sleepy. It sounds like you’re sleeping badly, but the rabbit doesn’t sleep deeply. I […]

Extreme Rabbit Hunting whit .30 EVOL in Patagonia Vol.2 Activated English Subtitles CC

Awesome was a great shot Measure the distance with the rangefinder See what EVOL 30 does with this wind We have about 45 to 50 km of wind Let’s go for him Hi guys how are you again with a video for you from the Patagonia of Chile This beautiful city of Punta Arenas, Beautiful Region of Magallanes […]

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