Bulldog For Life: Matt Nawrocki | Ferris State University | Surveying Engineering

My name is Matt Nawrocki. I am a Ferris State graduate of the Survey and Engineering program and I graduated in 1995 and that was from the School of Engineering Technology. As you can see I’m wearing a hat and a shirt for Vectors Incorporated. I am the CEO / president / founder of Vectors Incorporated. I founded […]

Why I’m Opposed to Rescuing and Adoption. Pets and Animal Sanctuaries.

hi everyone Michael Lanfield here and thank you for joining me so this is going to be a lengthy video and by no means is this gonna be exhaustive because I might forget a few things here or there but I’m gonna be talking about the negative implications of pet ownership and sanctuaries now just to let you […]

Reports Claim Barr Could Quit Trump Team – Then Bulldog Bill Sets The Record Straight

Reports Claim Barr Could Quit Trump Team – Then Bulldog Bill Sets The Record Straight. The impeachment attempt is over, but Washington hasn’t gone completely quiet. In fact, we recently heard about a little spat between Attorney General William Barr and President Donald Trump. At least that’s how the media’s portraying it. Barr went on record saying Trump’s […]

Regular exams are an important part of your pet’s healthy lifestyle

Hey buddy, how are you? Well, Jim, to be honest, I’m not feeling that great. My stomach is hurting a little. It could have something to do with the grass I was eating in the backyard. It’d be a lot easier if I could tell you how I’m feeling. But since we don’t speak the same language, I […]

Splat! 5 Species that Masquerade as Bird Droppings

[INTRO ♫] If you’re a small animal, one of your biggest challenges in life is making sure that you don’t get eaten. And there are all sorts of ways of doing this— like, being toxic, or blending in with your surroundings. Some species even disguise themselves as unpalatable things, like twigs and stones. That way, they can hide […]

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