California Killed 1.2 Million Birds To Stop a Virus. Pet Owners Say They Were Terrorized.

Dolores? Run, run Dolores. Do they have Dolores? They got her. Oh my God, they got Oreo. My home is being terrorized, my animals are being slaughtered. You could hear them in the trash can, thumping around trying to get out, trying to get air, trying to breathe, trying to survive. This is not right this is not […]

[Eng Sub] As Expected, a Dog? ~Ange Finds Where Inui Hid Her Bones~ [Nijisanji Vtuber]

I want to craft it, yeah – – but, every time I think to myself, “Let’s smelt something,” These chests, you see… Uhm, this wasn’t the plan, really. It wasn’t supposed to be a cafe, like, the cafe- “Should I hide it here?” And so on is what I said [to myself]. Here, or here. Like, as a […]

Pitbull VS Lion – Lion VS Pitbull – Blondi Foks

Today we will compare Pitbull and lion. Which animal is stronger? Let’s see this Aggressiveness First we will compare these two animals at the point of aggression. Pitbull is generally a quiet dog. if pitbull isn’t socialized well, it can be offensive however, Lions tend to attack anything that moves instinctively The lion is among the most aggressive […]

Box Office – Birds of Prey, Mulan, Black Widow, Wonder Woman 1984

in the wake of birds of praise box-office implosion there has been a very unfortunate take away from fans and haters alike and that’s that men don’t want to see female led action movies and that women alone aren’t a strong enough audience to support blockbuster movies I think they’re coming from people just being incredibly disappointed in […]

Manners 1 Class at What a Great Dog! Training Center

Manners 1 is our beginner level group class. Our classes are led by expert dog trainers. We use positive, reward based training methods which are fun and effective. All the basic behaviors are covered, including sit, down and nose touch. Dogs are trained to walk nicely on leash using a variety of exercises, including walking calmly near other […]

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