3 New Platform Games – Sam’s Journey, Pets Rescue, and Cheese & Onion

The first platform game I ever played was Pitfall on the Atari 2600 back in 1982. Of course, at the time I never thought of it as a platform game. But that’s what it was, in fact it essentially set the standard for platform games. Later on I played Donkey Kong on both Atari and Commodore platforms. This […]

Birds gliding through bubbles reveal aerodynamic trick

As this barn owl glides through the darkness a sudden flash of light illuminates over 20,000 helium filled soap bubbles, suspended in the air. Researchers can track the bubbles as they swirl in the owl’s wake, and they’re using this to study the bird’s flight in unprecedented levels of detail, revealing unexpected ways in which birds generate lift […]

We’re Fostering A Litter of Chihuahua Puppies!

We’re fostering our second litter of puppies for Woods Humane Society… And this time it’s a litter of Chihuahua puppies! They’re about 7 weeks old now, and we’ll have them for about another week… Until they’re old enough to be spayed or neutered and then they’ll all be up for adoption. They didn’t have names when they came […]

A Bird’s Eye View of Kailasagir Hills – Ambur | Vellore Travelogue #1

In this travelogue, we are going to be exploring Kailasagiri. Kailasagiri is a rocky hilly terrain, situated at 600 feet above the ground level, adding beauty and charisma to the entire region of Gadambur. There are two ways to summit Kailasagiri Mountain, where the temple is located. The Ghat road is about 2 kilometers long and then you […]

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